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Help your students to:


  • become more involved with the subject you are teaching


  • connect personally with what is presented in class and assigned for homework


  • think more critically about what is discussed in class


  • demonstrate more deep learning of key concepts taught


  • write more clearly and perform better on tests


WriteToLearnNY provides high school educators with the tools and conceptual knowledge to create effective writing assignments that engage students, improve their learning of course content, and develop their writing skills. 

WriteToLearnNY programs are based upon a pedagogy that employs diverse writing assignments as keys to learning and engagement.  These assignments, both formal and informal, are designed around a problem-based approach that encourages discipline-specific ways of making meaning and creating knowledge.  When educators incorporate writing-to-learn concepts and strategies into their classes, both they and their students benefit.   

Whether you teach Mathematics, Social Studies, English, Science, a Language other than English, Health, Physical Education, Visual Art, Music, Dance, or Theater—welcome to WriteToLearnNY!

WriteToLearnNY is right for you!