Overview of WriteToLearnNY Programs


The overarching goal of WriteToLearnNY is to provide high school educators of all disciplines with a conceptual framework and hands-on strategies to successfully implement writing-to-learn, a pedagogy that increases student learning of and engagement with course content and provides vehicles for written expression leading to improved writing skills. 


To meet the needs of high school faculty, WriteToLearnNY programs are available in varied formats.  All WriteToLearnNY professional development programs include stimulating, multi-dimensional activities designed to reinforce, enhance, and extend the teaching practices of participating faculty.  Each program includes whole group discussions, writing exercises, small group work, mini-lectures, and discussion of readings.  With the exception of Online Workshops, all programs are offered on site with space provided by schools. 

With the exception of the Online Series, all programs are offered both online and   on-site, and all participants are eligible to earn CTLE Hours. 

Featured Topics for WriteToLearnNY Programs


  •  introduction to and overview of the WriteToLearnNY program

  •  foundations of writing-to-learn

  •  integrating course learning objectives with writing assignments

  •  characteristics and design of effective writing assignments

  •  responding to and evaluating student writing

  •  reading and responding to the writing of ELL students

  •  effective grading strategies: types of rubrics, rubric criteria

Programs and Activities