WriteToLearnNY Professional Development Day 



This 6-hour Professional Development Day provides educators with a compressed introduction to writing-to-learn concepts and implementation strategies.  Lecture and discussion based, time is provided for participants to share writing-to-learn strategies and design effective writing assignments for their students.  Writing exercise and small group work are multi-dimensional and meant to enhance and reinforce the teaching practices of participants.  The seminar is delivered on-site (school, teacher center, or district office) and is limited to 15 participants.  Each educator earns 6 CTLE hours.  



Professional Development Day Topics



  • overview

  • foundations of writing-to-learn

  • reading the writing of ELL students


Designing Writing Assignments

  • integrating course learning objectives with writing assignments

  • kinds of writing and associated assignments

  • characteristics of effective writing assignments

  • scaffolding writing assignments


Responding to Student Writing

  • exploring types of rubrics

  • rubric criteria and descriptors

  • responding to the writing of ELL students


Reflection Assignments and Future Directions

  • minimal marking strategies

  • designing reflection assignments

  • evaluating student writing

  • WriteToLearnNY Professional Development Day review



Fees and Cancellation Policy



The fee for the WriteToLearnNY Professional Development Day is $1,500,* and the program is capped at 15 participants.  Payment in full is due before the start of the program.



Cancellation and Refunds

Cancellation of the WriteToLearnNY Professional Development Day up to two weeks prior to the scheduled date will not carry any financial penalty and any monies previously paid will be refunded in full.  Cancellation within two weeks of the scheduled date of the first workshop will incur a processing fee of $250.  No additional cancellation fees apply.


All cancellation and refund requests must be made via email to WriteToLearnNY@gmail.com


Cancellation by the instructor will be rescheduled at no charge. 

*Pricing does not include travel and accommodation expenses, when necessary.