WriteToLearnNY: Provide Educators with New Approaches to Increase Student Achievement!

What is WriteToLearnNY?

WriteToLearnNY is an evidence-based program to help high school educators of all disciplines create unique writing assignments and incorporate them into their classes.  By assigning effective content-based writing, teachers increase student learning of and engagement with course content while simultaneously providing opportunities for students to improve their writing skills.

Why should educators incorporate writing-to-learn into their classes?

The primary objective of WriteToLearnNY workshops is to provide high school educators with a conceptual framework and hand-on strategies to implement writing-to-learn successfully in any course they teach.  The incorporation of effective writing assignments into course syllabi is intended to:

  • Increase student engagement with and learning of course content

  • Present students with additional writing experiences that offer opportunities for self-expression and improvement in writing skills


  • Provide teachers with formal and informal assessment tools to provide feedback about what students have learned in a specific class or after an instructional unit


  • Increase student awareness of the kinds of writing that will be encountered in college

  • Help educators achieve the objectives for incorporating literacy skills as set forth in the New York State Next Generation Learning Standards.  

How does the WriteToLearnNY program help educators to increase students’ engagement in class, increase their learning of course content, and improve their writing skills?

  • By introducing teachers to varied kinds of writing assignments that draw students into course content and retain their interest


  • By providing occasions for students to interact with course content on an individualized basis by recalling, clarifying, questioning, and considering issues and problems raised in class and in readings


  • By helping teachers to create diverse opportunities for students to express themselves in writing, students spend additional time on task and are prompted to state their ideas fully and clearly